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What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis is an autoimmune disease which effects the central nervous system. For reasons unknown to allopathic medicine, the body’s immune system, which is designed to attack invading viruses and bacteria, starts attacking the lining around the nerve fibers. This protective coating, called myelin, is damaged, or destroyed, leaving scar tissue or “sclerosis” behind. Myelin is made up of primarily fatty tissue and it’s purpose is to protect and insulate nerve fibers. Myelin helps keep the nerve signals intact and ensures they get where they are supposed […]

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Living With Multiple Sclerosis

For many people hearing the words “Multiple Sclerosis” feels like being hit by a truck. Fear and uncertainty take over and you begin to worry about you future. Even though MS isn’t a rare disease, it is far from common. For many in their 30’s or older they associate MS with childhood icon who became completely disabled from MS. While total disability does occur, it is not common. MS is not fatal. People with MS can lead normal lives and enjoy a typical life span. Living with […]

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